Calculation, Management, Reporting, Optimization.

Over the last decade, there has been a trend to reduce benzene emissions from glycol dehydrators. In 2006 the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) introduced a directive to further encourage emissions reductions; other Western provinces followed suit, and non-compliance with these directives could potentially result in suspension of operations.

Process Ecology, through its modern and improved system at, provides an efficient way for the Natural Gas Processing Industry in Western Canada to manage benzene emissions data in a consistent, transparent and credible manner.

The Online Benzene Emissions Advisor allows engineers and operators to focus on their core business objectives - our online service concept means there is no need for software licensing and installation headaches.

  • Provides improved calculation methods to ensure accuracy.
  • Enables automated reporting for compliance with AER Directive 039 (as well as BC and SK regulations) at a significantly reduced cost.
  • Adds more value to operators of glycol dehy units.
  • Identifies opportunities for fuel gas conservation and reduce GHG emissions.
  • Advanced analysis and trending can be performed.